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The following sculptures have either been stolen, damaged beyond repair, or disowned; their provenance is ambiguous
and beyond my control.

* "OPUS 42" Mild steel, 36x90x10". March 1977.

* "Erdekranz I" Mild steel, 22x84x8". May, 1977.

* "Erdekranz II" Mild steel, 24x72x9". August, 1977.

* "Crow's Time #1" Stainless and mild steel, 11x11x2".
    December, 1990.

* "Crow's Acrobatics" Stainless and mild steel, 13x17x7".
    April, 1985. 

* "Crow's Firmament" Stainless and mild steel, 15x17x5".
    March, 1985.

* "Crow Entering the Gates of Duino" Stainless steel,
    5x12x5". April, 1980.

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